You rely on your water heater daily, as it keeps your home’s water at a comfortable temperature so you can shower and wash the dishes. Having hot water is something you may take for granted until it is no longer working and then realize its not easy living with just cold water. If your water heater in Tukwila is in need of servicing or repair, Hunt’s Services’ plumbers in Tukwila are standing by for your call.

Many different water heater problems can arise throughout the appliance’s lifetime, and these devices tend to break down after ten to 15 years naturally. It’s possible to extend their lives through repairs and maintenance, however, and that’s precisely what the professionals at Hunt’s Services provide.

Our team of licensed, certified technicians can diagnose and repair your water heater problems quickly and efficiently. We have the skills and equipment necessary to do the job properly, and in situations where the unit is beyond repair, we also offer Tukwila water heater installation.

Lacking hot water in your home is a significant disruption to your lifestyle and can make for some uncomfortable days. Give Hunt’s Services a call at 253-533-7500 if you notice a problem, and we’ll have someone on the job as quickly as possible.