There are lots of good reasons to install a ductless mini-split system in your Tacoma, WA, home. Whether you have a central HVAC system or lack the ducting for supporting one, this is an upgrade that’s guaranteed to enhance the safety, comfort, and health of your living environment. Read on to learn all about the tremendous benefits that ductless mini-split systems have to offer and to discover what it’s like to have one installed.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems Are at the Cutting-Edge of Efficiency

Ductless mini-split systems offer some of the highest levels of efficiency available. When properly sized and right for the local climate, some ductless mini-split heat pumps boast efficiency levels as high as 300%. Whether using a ductless mini-split for heating or cooling, it will regulate your indoor temperature using heat transfer.

In summer, ductless mini-split heat pumps and ductless mini-split air conditioners are functionally identical. They move indoor heat outside. In winter, mini-split heat pumps source warmth from outdoors and bring it in. Apart from the electricity that drives their basic operations, no other fuel is needed. Not only does this provide significant energy savings for consumers, but it also means that the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and exposure to other harmful exhaust gases is eliminated. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your gas-fired furnace, this could be it.

Many homes in Western Washington aren’t built for temperature extremes. A lot of older properties lack HVAC air ducts and have inefficient baseboard heaters or wall heaters in place of central furnaces. Many of these same buildings lack fixed cooling solutions altogether. Among the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to add permanent and efficient heating and cooling to these homes is by installing ductless mini-splits.

Another efficiency-related benefit of ductless mini-splits is their complete lack of ducting. Conditioned air is distributed right from its point of production. With heating, no heat is lost due to HVAC air duct leaks or poor ductwork insulation. With cooling, cold air delivery is faster and conditioned air is a lot less likely to wind up behind drywall or in other remote areas.

Zoning Enhances Resident Comfort

Ductless mini-split systems have outdoor condenser units. These units contain their compressors. Condenser units are where heat from the inside of the home is released outside. At the interior of the building, each room or zone is given its own air handling unit. This contains the evaporator coil where the heat is absorbed from warm air by refrigerant. Air handlers also distribute conditioned air after it’s been filtered.

In ductless mini-split AC and heat pump systems, every room or zone that has an air handler also has its own thermostat. This allows building residents to selectively heat or cool their immediate areas. Zoned configurations are much more accommodating than central HVAC which heats and cools homes uniformly. Zoning is also a lot more efficient. With zoning, you can sidestep the extra and unnecessary costs of regulating indoor temperatures in areas of the building that are empty.

Minimize Your Ongoing Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

One large part of ongoing HVAC maintenance is ductwork maintenance. HVAC air ducts require replacement every 10 to 15 years. This means that to get the most from a new air conditioner or heater, you’ll likely have to pay for new ductwork as well. HVAC air ducts also require annual inspections and professional cleaning every three to five years. For homeowners, the costs of these services come in addition to annual furnace and air conditioner tune-up services, monthly filter changes, and ongoing repairs.

Ductless mini-split air conditioners require annual tune-up service. Ductless mini-split heat pumps should be tuned up twice annually if used for both heating and cooling. However, neither system is connected to ducting. As such, there’s nothing else to maintain. Best of all, rather than paying for new filters every month, you can simply clean the removable filters in each indoor air handler according to manufacturer instructions. These components should be checked and washed every two to four weeks and replaced annually.

You Have Multiple Options to Choose From

In addition to choosing between ductless mini-split air conditioners and ductless mini-split heat pumps, you also have multiple options in both brands and models. Depending upon the amount of area you want to service, you can additionally choose between one and eight separate indoor air handlers. Indoor air handlers come in several different sizes and colors, and they can be installed on the ceiling or in another out-of-the-way location.

Some Tacoma residents use ductless mini-split systems for whole-house heating and cooling. Others use them to address remote areas that don’t get enough service from their central furnaces or air conditioners. For instance, you might install a ductless mini-split for a connected in-law unit, your garage, a finished basement, or an attic bedroom. Ductless mini-split systems are highly flexible and adaptable.

Stay on Par With Increasingly Stringent Efficiency Regulations

Changes are coming to Western Washington and the rest of the West Coast. New efficiency-related regulations are making it increasingly harder for property owners to find a diverse selection of gas-powered appliances. By upgrading to a ductless mini-split heat pump, you can stay ahead of the pack. With one of these systems installed, you’ll have the benefit of heating and cooling that comes with zero carbon output. There’s no easier way to drastically reduce the collective carbon footprint of your entire household without sacrificing comfort in the process.

Get Rid of Your Inefficient Window AC

If you’re using a window air conditioner for cooling, now is the time to get rid of it. Having a window AC creates a visible and highly accessible point of ingress for would-be intruders. Before leaving on vacation, these units have to be taken down before properties are completely secured. They also block window views and use excessive amounts of energy to do a modest amount of work.

A window air conditioner can only cool just one to two small-sized spaces at a time. A mini-split can provide enough heating and cooling comfort for everyone in the home. Window air conditioners are noisy and they leave openings for small pests to slip in. Compare these things to the whisper-quiet and highly efficient operation of a ductless mini-split and there’s absolutely no contest.

Enhance the Marketability and Value of Your Tacoma Rental

If you have a rental property in Tacoma that lacks a fixed cooling solution, having a ductless mini-split put in could be key to attracting higher quality and motivated prospects. With the LINK Light Rail expansion, more Seattle professionals are seeking affordable rentals in Pierce County and beyond. You can maximize the profit potential of your investment by catering to the higher expectations of these incoming tenants.

What It’s Like to Have a Ductless Mini-Split System Installed

Ductless mini-split installation is quick, easy, and hassle-free. This is especially true when you compare it to the process of having your home retrofitted with ductwork for central HVAC.

The outside condenser/compressor units for these systems are small in size and typically positioned on small concrete pads in back or side yards. This unit is then connected to each of the home’s indoor air handlers via refrigerant tubing and electrical wires. In each room that has its own air handling unit, only a single hole must be drilled to accommodate the necessary connection. With most systems, each of these holes is just three inches in diameter or less.

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